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The difference in the quality of knitted underwear starts from the sewing thread

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In the knitted underwear market, the price difference of products is extremely different, and the difference in brand, place of origin and quality often leads to huge price difference. The reason is that some companies in order to profit in the fierce market competition, do not hesitate to shoddy, in the choice of raw materials will often choose some low-cost accessories. With the improvement of the knitwear industry chain, the quality of accessories is very important for improving the quality and brand awareness of knitted underwear products.

In order to raise the attention of the whole society on the quality of clothing, implement the responsibility of product quality and promote the quality of clothing products, the China Fashion Designers Association hosted the theme of “Sewing thread and ready-to-wear quality”, and specially invited coats Chinese garments. Cai Yiwen, senior technical manager of the technical department, was the keynote speaker.

More demand for underwear stitching

Due to the complicated production process, knitted underwear is prone to breakage during the sewing process. This not only seriously affects the production efficiency, but also affects the quality of the garment and causes the waste of the sewing thread. For this reason, it is very important to study the problem of disconnection of the sewing thread of the knitted fabric during the sewing process.

Nowadays, the new characteristics of knitted underwear enterprises are small batches, multi-variety and multi-color numbers, so the color number of the corresponding sewing thread often changes.

How big can a sewing thread be? “The experience and data of Coats tell us that the best sewing solution will always come from the excellent and stable sewing thread quality and the correct way of using it.” Cai Yiwen said that in order to help the company get the most With good sewing results, Coats has established a TAS (Technical Consulting Service) team to help customers achieve better garment quality, higher productivity and better line efficiency. TAS is involved in the whole production process from the ready-to-wear design scheme. According to the fabric and seam design, the company recommends the line, calculate the thread quantity of the single piece of garment, and provide the whole batch of order quantity according to the information after the garment proofing. service.

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